Gaboratory Tailored Leather Vest (Atelier mark art work) [LV-04]

Gaboratory Tailored Leather Vest (Atelier mark art work) [LV-04]

Price: US$2,006.00

Prices vary according to options.

Delivery: 2 to 6 Month

You can choose the Chinese silk pattern in reference to

[Dragon] Small Dragons & Peony Flowers (Optional):
[Dragon] Twin Dragons & Horse Drawn Medallion (Optional):
[Dragon] Large Dragon & Phoenix With Twin Carp (Optional):
[Dragon] Dragon & Phoenix - Small (Optional):
[Floral] Cherry Blossoms (Optional):
[Floral] Cherry Blossoms & Chrysanthemums (Optional):
[Floral] Chrysanthemums (Optional):
[Floral] Chrysanthemums & Peony Flowers w/ Longevity Medallion (Optional):
[Floraal] Chrysanthemums with Fan, Dagger & Gourd (Optional):
[Floral] Chrysanthemums w/ Longevity Medallion (Optional):
[Floral] Peony Flowers (French Floral) Large (Optional):
[Floral] Peony Flowers (Floral Lace) Small (Optional):
[Floral] Bamboo Leaves (Optional):
[Medallion] Longevity Medallion (Optional):
[Medallion] Longevity Medallion & Multi Color Dragons & Bats (Optional):
[Medallion] Longevity Medallion & Bats (Optional):




Gift Wrapping (option) (Optional):

Price: US$2,006.00

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Product Description
Detail: Atelier Mark art work & 4pcsButtons, Chinese silk liner
Material: Cowhide Leather / Silver925

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