Special Order [SP-01]

Special Order [SP-01]

Price: US$0

Prices vary according to options.

Delivery: 2 to 6 Month
$10,000~ (Optional):
 $1,000~ (Optional):
  $100~ (Optional):
   $10~ (Optional):
    $1~ (Optional):

Price: US$0

Gaboratory Special Order
With Gaboratory any special order is possible.
You can choose in combination the favorite parts,and please enjoy Gaboratory only for you !
Gaboratory means direct connection to the fabricating workshop.
Feel free to contact us with your questions or comments.


How to special order

1.Provide us with a description of the special order you are requesting for your item. 

2.Shortly after reviewing your request, You will receive an estimate via e-mail.

3.After you have accepted the estimated amount, please ship the items and include prepaid insurance.
 Company Address:8550 W Desert Inn Rd#102-166,Las Vegas NV 89117,USA
 TEL +81-45-476-9998

4.We will then Re-confirm the cost for repair & maintenance after receiving your items. Please follow the steps below to make your payment.

【Paypal payment】

NOTE: The amount in the box will show as$10,000〜,$1,000〜,$100〜,$10〜,$1〜To show the total amount, make your selection in the corresponding box.

For example, if the selling price is $2500, no Action is required in the $10,000〜,$10〜,$1〜 box, You must only set the $1,000〜 box to 2,000 and the $100〜 box to 500. The total price will show as $2,500.

After that, please click    to complete the payment


【Bank payment】

After completing a Bank Transfer, please send us an email to confirm the transaction.

*They will also be introduced on our blog, Even a special order may become the basic products.